People management is never an easy task, especially when one is working in the corporate world. There is a chinese saying, 知己知彼,百战百胜; he who has a thorough understanding of himself and the enemy is bound to win all battles.

Part of my job is to persuade people in the shortest time possible. Often, I get a no as an answer. It is not that these people are unable to commit, but is that there is no reason for them to say yes. Hence, I spent a lot of time understanding someone and his/her background before moving in for the kill.

Public relations(PR) is indeed a daunting task. The way you pitch your request, email or speech affects the decision outcome.

Some people has a very huge ego, and you need to make them feel good and worship them like gods. It’s not licking their boots but but more of feeding their ego. For example, you are trying to invite a very senior person to your conference and he is very egoistic. You do not say things like oh you are very smart and wise and handsome and blah blah blah. Instead, you should tell him why he should attend our event and how important is his presence at the event. This gives him a feeling of great importance. Maybe he will consider.

Sucky world.