It has been a whole since my last post.

It is already 1 year and 4 months+ since I have started my job as in Insurance Broker.

I am grateful for being able to study for my ACII while working. My sponsored company M is a fantastic company. My colleagues are very helpful and patient with me. It is not easy to juggle work and studies. Although the past one year has not been very smooth as there were many hiccups with my school’s timetable and their planning is not up to expectations, I am still hoping to be able to pass my ACII.

For those who are wondering what is ACII, it stands for Advanced Diploma, Chartered Institute of Insurance. This is known to be a prestigious professional certificate for those who are planning to carve a rewarding career in the insurance sector. After working for five years in insurance upon graduation, you will be awarded the Chartered status. This is equivalent to the Chartered status for accountants and financial analysts, but in the area of insurance. I would bet not many people will know about this.

Some people might ask, why choose insurance? It already has a bad name.

Well, it is a matter of perspective. For me, without insurance, businesses cannot move on. At least it give assurance to your investors that in the worst case scenario, their money is still protected. That is why in many business contracts, there is a requirement to purchase insurance before work can progress. For example, a construction firm has engaged the services of a professional civil engineer. The role of the civil engineer is to provide advice on the construction of the building. However, the law states that should anything goes wrong with the building which results in losses, the engineer will be liable for the damages. These losses can run up to millions of dollars. Therefore, to ensure that the engineers is financially sound, it is a requirement to purchase a Professional Indemnity Insurance. This is the importance of insurance.

Interesing, isn’t it?