About Yee Fung


A Chinese Singaporean who likes to simplify complicated issues. It may seem naive, but that’s how to be positive in life.

Has travelled to several countries by land, air and sea(yes, he has sailed to countries as far as Down Under. It may sound crazy, but he was on a diplomatic mission with the Republic of Singapore Navy during his National Service. And yes, Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman are real), and has seen all sorts of interesting people and would classify them simply as; the good, the bad and the ugly.

Enjoys living a simple life and ocassionally indulges in fine dining.

Interested in the financial world and how money makes the world goes round and round and finally crashes when it has made too many rounds.

Enjoys movies of all genre but comedy is the best way to keep him glued to the black box. No popcorn or coke needed.

Yearns to excel in his career and due to the nature of his job, he has gained a lot of experience through engaging with the senior management in the finance industry.

Contact: yeefung2000@yahoo.com


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