The results of the Singapore PE was announced this morning. Dr. Tony Tan emerged victorious with 35.19% of the valid votes.

The results of the elections has set me to rethink about the way elections is being held in Singapore.

Indeed, we are being seen as capable of dislaying certain democratic elements in our political system. Every citizen has the right to vote for their favourite candidate.

However, this elections has triggered my sense of curiosity and there seems to be a questionable method in which the elections is being held.

Dr. Tony Tan has garnered less than half of the total valid votes. Is that representative of the population of Singapore? He is not getting the support from the rest of the voters (64.81%). In other words, more than half of the nation is not supporting him. How can someone be a president if he has not receive the support of the majority?

Perhaps we should review the election system.

In a situation where there are more than 2 candidates, we can have 2 rounds of elections. In the first round, the top two candidates will enter the next round for the final showdown. When choices are being narrowed down, people will be more certain of who they want for as their president.

It may be a waste of time, but that will make the elected president more convincing to the people.

Meanwhile, I hope Dr. Tony Tan will win back the trust of the people.
I wish him all the best and hope he will deliver what he has promised to the people.