Today, something amazing happened. Ok, not that amazing, but at least it is interesting.

I was waiting for a friend to pick me up at the bus stop as we were going to attend an event. I was sitting on a long stone seat. A girl, about 18 years old, was sitting next to me. I was minding my own business (as usual, playing games) when the girl tapped on my shoulders. She said in a weak voice that she was not feeling well.

At first, I was astonished. Is this a new scam or what? Or are they filming Just for Laugh? Ok, let’s not get paranoid and so I had decided to give her the benefit of doubt.

Anyway, I had no idea why she was telling me this, so I asked her if there is anything she would want me to do. She passed me the phone and said her friend is on the line. Neither the girl or her friend knows our location (ok, I am starting to wonder how did she end up there? This is creepy). The girl wanted me to tell her friend how to reach our location.

Apparently, the person on the other line is nearby, so I gave him the directions. It took him 15 minutes to reach here. 

The 15 minutes seemed like eternity. The girl was turning pale. I asked her how she was feeling (Ok, I know this is a stupid question). She said her body is numb and her stomach hurts. I probed further by asking her if this is the first time that has happened (I was trying to divert her attention so she will feel better, I hope!). She wanted to puke, so I passed her a plastic bag which I always put it in my bag just in case it rains and I can put my phone and wallet in it (I am so well prepared :)). 

Finally, her friend arrived! I told him she really need to seek medical attention. Well, somehow, they were waiting for another friend. So we hanged around for another 5 mins before the other friend arrived. Then they decided to flag down a cab to go to the hospital. But there were no cabs!

Coincidentally, my friend arrived. I spoke to my friend and he readily agreed to make a detour to the nearest hospital which was 5 mins away.

Well, I hope the girl is ok now. I forgot to get her name though.

I wish you have a speedy recovery. You are really a brave girl who dares to asked a stranger for help.

Come to think of it, this is the first time I had encounter this situation. I was glad that I could help out and this really made my day. 

Maybe this is my early birthday present.

On the side note, tomorrow is my birthday. Happy 28th birthday to me.