Recently, my company is in the midst of organising a seminar. This seminar is targeted at the directors and officers of private companies from a specific industry.

As i am still new to the company, this time, i am taking the back seat. The only task that i am assigned to do  is to do follow up calls to every company to check if they are interested to attend our seminar.

As far as i know, they had sent out an invitation to all the companies they could reach out to 2 weeks ago.

When i was given the contact list, i was a little surprised.

I realised that they had sent the invitation to the wrong person. they were sending the invitations to generic email addresses which would had been ignored, deleted or even labelled as spam by the admin or front desk personnel. would not reach the board of directors.

Ideally, it would have been far more effective if the invitations could have been sent directly to the Directors email addresses. If not, it should be directed to the media relations department. For example,

Apparently, the email contacts are taken from the industry regulators/association which are generic. It would make more sense to visit every company website and get their contact. If necessary, make calls to the company to get their directors email addresses or their secretaries’ email AND phone number. Its a hassle but it it would definitely reach out to them.

Next, reach out to the big industry players first. If we can persuade them to attend the seminar, the smallers players might be convinced to attend too.

If possible, reach out to the industry regulator. By getting their support, half the battle is won. Companies receive a lot of invitations, so why should they attend our seminar? By getting the regulator’s support, we are sending this message: the regulator is supporting because they believe in us, don’t you want to believe in us too? By doing this, we gain a lot of credibility.

That is an important but tedious task to accomplish. So how are we going to do that? One of the ways is to send a letter of invitation to work with us on this seminar from the CEO of our company to the head of the regulator. By having the CEO to send the letter, it shows our sincerity that we are keen to work with them. The head of the regulator is the decision maker; it makes things easier when he approves.