Beijing Trip – 20 March 2014 to 25 March 2014

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Another Milestone Achieved

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It has been a long time since my last post.

I have been really busy at work and I must say things have been pretty smooth.

I am expecting my career is taking off soon. Just gotta work hard.

Also, I am glad to have finally achieved ACII!!!! WOOHOO!!! I got my results yesterday and have passed my examinations. My hands were trembling when I log into the online portal to check the results.

It has been a challenging time for me during the past one year. Indeed, it is not easy juggling with work and studies.

Well, I do hope that with this qualification, I can edge out and differentiate from the rest of the people in the industry.

Of course, I am grateful to my company for being so supportive by paying for my the school fees, my boss and colleagues who are very understanding and accommodating by giving me time off to study for the examinations. They are very encouraging and gave me a lot of opportunities to prove myself. I do hope I have not let them down.

And of course, to my loved ones who have also been encouraging me.

I really really want my career to take off and I do have high expectations. I have to take on the challenges ahead and make it worthwhile.

It is time to build my own empire.